To Sketch and Paint a Journal

       The sketchbook goes everywhere the cell phone goes, ready to capture life around town or in a new landscape.

Take time to find sketch pads or books that feel good in your hand, that are comfortable to hold, that fit your back.

Ink makes a permanent record that does not smear. A simple, fine sharpie is available at Aroacha.  Unless the paper is very fine, it will not bleed through.

       Try a tanned tone paper. A light watercolor wash with white gouache is very attractive and makes a quick simple study.

       The main benefit: a portfolio of subjects – many of whom you would not think to paint and a wealth of small studies that record your life and travels.  Add stickers, pressed flowers, photos, notes of location and emotions, colored pencil inserts,  magazine snippets, leaves and grasses, action figures in the salon and the market, etc.  Sketching replaces staring at the phone and is far more entertaining.

       Tip:  “pages” refers to one side of pieces of paper.  “sheets” refers to two sides. So normally what we we think of as pages are called sheets.  I have two tanned sketch or drawing books from Strathmore.  The first is 5×7 in. and is spiral bound, 80lb. paper.  The second is 8.5 x 11 and is hard bound, 80lb paper.

       “There is a great appetite to work, and then my sketchbook serves me as a cookbook when I am hungry.  I open it, and the least of my sketches can offer me material for work.”      George Braque (1882-1963)