Testimonials from Students

It is important to understand what your learning experience will  be in discovering watercolor painting.

Here are some comments from students in previous classes and workshops with Barbara.

“I love Barb’s watercolor classes. She’s a great artist and teacher! It was fun painting with her and I learned a lot!” 
Lynne of Boquete, Panama – March 2021
I received the beginner class as a gift and had never tried painting before. I ended up loving it! Barbara provided the perfect start by teaching the basics, providing high quality materials, and giving us tons of resources for supplies, books, and videos. It was fun to see how each of us in the class had our own unique style. The class gave me confidence to try different techniques and find what I enjoy most. Watercolor painting is limitless! Thank you, Barbara.
Bridget of Boquete, Panama – March 2021
I attended Barbara Will’s follow up class, Landscape/Color Mixing.  It was  3 days of 3 hours each and it was excellent!
Barbara has a very good relaxed method of teaching you to paint with watercolors that is informative and fun. She incorporates various exercises to show the best way to use watercolors, and she makes it seem relatively easy, but the main idea is to have fun with paint. 
The room Barbara teaches in is full of light, and the house is surrounded by trees and many different birds. It is quite beautiful! 
Many thanks, Barbara, I will be back for more lessons!
Cathy of Boquete, Panama – June 2019
I recently completed the Follow up Class – Landscape/Color Mixing.  What fun!  The color mixing was particularly interesting, and a great addition to my skills.  We learned other techniques as well, such as dry brushing, which worked very well in the landscapes we practiced.
 I am very pleased with my progress on landscapes.   This is an area I had felt particularly weak in, and now just feel I need to practice.
Marcia of Boquete, Panama – June 2019
I was so excited to fine Barbara Will’s watercolor beginners intensive class.
As promised this was a fantastic intro to the world of watercolor.
Never painted before, I was impressed that Barbara supplied only top quality supplies to start me on my painting journey.
I have now finished a few classes with Barbara and I would highly recommend  the beginners class to anyone who wants to explore  and learn about the  watercolor medium in a positive, encouraging way. Thanks so much Barbara, you have made learning a new craft a great life long experience!
Sherry of Boquete, Panama – May 2019

I am really pleased with Barbara’s Watercolor 101 course. This was my second attempt to learn this technique so this was a personal challenge. However, Barbara made it easy and pleasant and it was a nice surprise to learn that I was capable of creating art with watercolors. Thank you, Barbara, I am ready for Watercolor 201!

Ana of Boquete, Panama

  I had been attracted to painting with watercolors for some time and was thrilled to see that Barbara was offering a 6-week beginners class.  I jumped at the chance as class was limited to 6 students, which turned out to be an absolutely perfect venue!  This class has been very rewarding for me as Barbara has opened my eyes and creative flow to seeing and experiencing color and composition in a whole new light.  She has shared her techniques and tricks for blending colors and creating unusual effects and textures.  I intend to learn more from her in future classes!  

Joyce of Boquete, Panama

The unique beauty of her paintings inspired me to take her class and I’m so glad I did. In addition to actually doing the water color painting I have learned  about color, composition, light, and much more. As an unexpected bonus of taking this class, I now see the world with new eyes.

I am more  keenly  aware  &  appreciative of the beauty,  depth of color and interplay of light and dark drama that I see in the every day world around me.

   Ann of Boquete, Panama

    I would certainly recommend any class Barbara teaches!I love Barbara’s class! This is the second class series I’ve taken from her and it’s just as great as the first. Barbara provides a good understanding of the basic elements in painting. She provides examples, gives demonstrations and then walks you through practice exercises with lots of personal attention. She packs a lot into each session and it’s very exciting.

  Rona of Boquete, Panama

The six-week class with Barbara has been truly inspiring! From the second you walk in the door you feel completely at home and in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It’s hands on from the very beginning, which has been great for a perfectionist such as myself. You simply jump into it, the very best way to learn, in my opinion. Completely worth your time and the price is incredible for the quality and attention you get.

Carolina of Boquete, Panama

I recently attended a class given by Barbara and as a complete newcomer to Watercolors I found it to be fun and highly instructive. Barbara is a patient, skilled and generous artist able to instruct and guide the creative process without stifling the “fledgling artist”. 

Colleen of Boquete, Panama

  I enjoy Barbara’s classes because she makes watercolor fun. She teaches the basic requirements in a relaxed way so that I am not scared to pick up a paint brush to paint my own masterpiece! This is very important for people who are new to painting. Also, Barbara has a wonderful way with colors which makes her paintings unique and different.

Cathy of Boquete, Panama

  Barbara’s class is a great way to try out an unfamiliar medium in a relaxed atmosphere, whether you are a total newbie or want to continue your growth as an artist. Barbara engages the participants in the processes of watercolor application and sound design principle, along with recommendations for the best materials.

Kati of Boquete, Panama

  I like taking a class from Barbara because she is patient and moves along according to the pace of the participants. I always learn more when I come, and I have a great time as well.

Sharon of Colorado Springs, Colorado

  Barbara stresses the importance and the principles of composition as well as color theory and various painting techniques. It is a different experience each time. I have learned so much about paints to buy, and I love the special affects that Barbara teaches.

Anne of Colorado Springs, Colorado 

  Barbara continued to stress blending color and water on the paper and using interesting color combinations. When I finally “got it” I was much happier with my work, and I also started buying good quality paper. I am engaged enough now to be painting every morning.

Lynn – Grass Valley, Ca.

  Thank-you for all the good projects you gave to us to work on. I think now I am much improved in Art. Don’t forget us. I hope all good things come your way. Keep in touch.

Ahmed Mohamed Dalei – Cairo, Egypt

  I don’t know how to thank you for being my Art Teacher – Really! Miss Barbara ,  It was such a nice course with you.  I will always remember, “Learning to Draw is really about Learning to See.”  Bon Voyage

Sara Fakry – Cairo, Egypt