Sunny, Easy Daffodils

Sketch in a few loose shapes for the daffodil heads.  With a large flat brush (1 and 1/2″) quickly brush water on the paper where flowers and vase will be.  Make dark blue and green vertical lines to indicate stems.  The paint will spread and blend to some extent. Do this quickly and step back.  Put in some very loose, almost vague shapes for the heads and petals of the daffodils. Notice that they cover the entire top of the paper.

Let a lot of blending occur within the bunch of flowers.  We want a suggestion of daffodils – not every flower detailed out.  The table is also blended with a light touch, wetting the paper first.

If you are unsure about getting the window frames right, draw them in first.  The floor is a damp blend of warm colors.

Around the top of the flowers, leave the white petals , painting around them with a dark blue.

Adjust a few details in the bouquet, but leave it very loose and free.