Painting with Barbara in Boquete, Panama

I offer both individual and class instruction for beginners and serious artists. For individual or class instruction   email me at to begin registration.   To pay the entire fee for the class click on the paypal button for the appropriate class at the bottom of the page.


10% of your class fee goes to the Boquete Library Endowment Fund.

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Student Art

I am so proud of the work completed by my beginning and intermediate students.  Students quickly learn the styles and techniques of watercolor painting.  For more examples Click Here 






Next Beginner Class in September, 2019

Classes on Wed. and Fri. Sept. 11 –  13 – 18 – 20 – 25 – 27

Join a very small circle for a unique creative experience, taught by a professional teacher and watercolor painter.  We meet in a beautiful setting at my home in Palo Alto.  

Emphasizing demonstrations and practice, this class covers the basics of what a new painter needs to know:  the elements of  composition , color choices, creating drama, various painting techniques: blending, lifting, dry brush, washes, hard and soft edges etc., the many ways to use your brushes, and the sometimes confusing array of materials available on the market.  Bring your questions and prepare to have a wonderful time.

 Number of artists:

To register, email your intent to

Fee:  $115  All materials provided including professional 140 lb. paper, professional brushes and high grade student paints.

Materials to keep: 2 small palettes, oil pastels, a spray  bottle, a #12 round brush, color wheel, paints throughout the class, a pad of professional paper to use at home,  a kneaded eraser, and twelve colored pictures used as references. 

Classes are held  from 10 am to 12 pm.  

Dates of classes: Wednesdays and Fridays –  Sept.11-13, 18-20, 25-27


Simple Flowers Class 

Class Dates: October 9, 11, 16

This  is a follow-up class for the artists who want to continue with the support of instruction.  We will paint simple floral compositions with an emphasis on color contrasts, highlights, color choices plus neutrals, and negative space.

We are going with a three hour format which includes a few tasty snack items that participants bring. 

The follow-up classes are proving very popular in a relaxed setting mixed with laughter.  Join us if you have taken any of my classes in the past.

We will pair the flowers with various interesting backgrounds – the element we tend to ignore.  We will build on what we have learned with color mixing and also emphasize using very light values next to very dark values for good contrast.  We will also take a look at using interesting negative shapes in our compositions.  This promises to be another very fun and intense skill building opportunity.

Classes are held from 10 am to 1 pm and the Fee is $72.             This class is full. If you want to be on the waiting list in case an opening occurs, please send me a not at the address below:      

To register, email your intent to  

Please bring your own materials.




I provide individual instruction in my studio for interested individuals. Each session is 2 hours in length. The fee per session is $40. For more information email: