Barbara’s Boquete Art Sale

Special Art Sale in Boquete

Through October Barbara is offering her original, signed art in Boquete, Panama at special pricing. Join many of your neighbors who proudly hang Barbara’s watercolor paintings in their home. To view and purchase either framed or matted art send an email to .  Barbara lives a couple of blocks from downtown Boquete, and she welcomes your visit.

Matted and Framed Original Art

Each art piece is listed with the dimensions of the actual picture, not with mat and frame. Sale price is also listed.


Matted Original Art – Various Sizes

These original watercolor paintings by Barbara come with a mat, foam core backing and are in a moisture proof clear plastic sleeve. Prices are from $8 to $18. Only a small sampling of the over 30 available pictures are shown below.  These colorful pieces fit into standard size frames of 8 x 10 or 11 x 14. Beautiful frames can be found at Conway or Arocha in David. Great for a gift on a friend’s birthday.