About Barbara


I am always painting and designing, observing and drawing – even when I am not.  I strive to capture the emotional impact of nature. It is the wild places on earth, the outlying areas, the areas of ancient history that I am most drawn to.

Currently my back yard is the rain forest of Boquete, Panama.  What magnificence and what a gift it is to live here!


My teaching career of 32 years was extremely varied in terms of student population, and I capped it with two years of teaching art to Egyptian students in Cairo, Egypt. Weekends and holidays found the faculty touring all over Egypt from the Mediterranean Sea to Abu Simble to the Western Sahara Desert to Sharm el Sheik. 

I began painting watercolors in 1996, taking college courses, and that evolved into working with numerous Teacher/Painters. I learned the most from Bob Gray, Lorraine Danzo, and Martha Mans, all from Colorado.

Merl is my husband, and I have two adult children: Mikel and Melinda, and  I am the proud grandma of seven grandchildren.

For more information: Barbara Will-Wallace, My Life and My Art